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You are not alone


The statistics are staggering. Across the United States, almost 7.8 million children are living in homes with grandparents or other relatives. More than 2.5 million grandparents are taking on the sole responsibility for these children.

Here in Georgia, there are over 102,000 grandparents solely responsible for their grandchildren. Fayette County has over 1,000 grandparents who have made the life changing decision to raise a child. Many other relatives have also accepted this challenge.

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Who We Are


Grandparents and Kin became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2011. Our focus is dedicated to the growth and development of our children and to reduce caregiver stress. Caregivers often need immediate support to deal with a variety of issues. 

Because we value families, we appreciate and support grandparents and kin raising children, and understand that caring for a child may have its challenges.

Mission and Objectives



Fundraising is an essential part of offering our community the support and assistance necessary in raising a child. Please consider donating to help families in our community continue to thrive and achieve their goals. 




Our mission is to assist in the successful development of children being raised by grandparents or other relatives by providing developmental support, advocacy, and resources bridging in the pursuit of a healthy society and strong communities for all children and families.



Our objective is to ensure that every child affiliated with our organization develops a solid sense of self-worth and pride.  We encourage the influence of a diversity of cultures so that the children will gain an awareness of the world around them, and that they will have the tools needed to succeed.



To reach every grandparent and relative caregiver raising children and help educate our children about positive life choices. Ongoing benefits of the GKRC Support Group include the reduction in caregiver stress and enhanced healthy caregiver/child relationships.

Community Awareness


To increase awareness in our local community of the large number of grandparents and other relatives who have accepted the challenge of raising a child when parents become unable to do so. 

To also increase awareness in our local community that these children are able to grow and prosper in kinship homes with family members rather than state-funded or privately-funded foster homes.

Calendar of Events


In addition to our twice monthly support groups, we hold many other events for our members, which include family fun nights, fundraising and awareness events, as well as giving back opportunities. 

What's Happening

Our Services


Our group helps enrich the caregiving experience.

  • Support Group for adults that offer a social network of grandparents and relative..
  • Referral and access to appropriate resources and community based services.
  • Tutoring Assistance 
  • Summer Camp Assistance
  • Back-To-School Supplies
  • Holiday Support
  • Family Activities

GKRC Board of Directors


Karen Gillespie-President 


Vice-President - Beverly Thomas


Patricia Jenkins-Treasurer



Secretary - Sarah Arthur Ruiz 


Board Member - Kevin Arthur 


Board Member - Priscilla Schell


Board Member- Nadine Brooks